Automatic mortar mixers

Automatic programmable mortar mixer complete with sand dispenser and a supplementary dispenser for the manual addition of admixture or water during the mixing cycle. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.


Blaine fineness (Air permeability) of cement

Determine the particle size of Portland cement, limes and similar powders expressed in terms of their specific surface. It consists of a stainless steel cell, perforated disc and plunger. An U-tube glass manometer is fitted to the steel stand. The set is complete with rubber aspirator and filter paper.


Cement autoclave

Designed for conducting expansion tests on cements, The autoclave consists of a high-pressure steam vessel with internal dimensions 154 mm dia. x 430 mm high to accept a rack for holding 10 specimens. It is complete with pressure gauge, pressure regulator, temperature regulator, controls switches, safety valve, and specimen rack. Certified conforming to ISPELS procedure.


Compression and flexural testers


Heat of hydration calorimeter

Determine the heat of hydration of low heat Portland and hydraulic cement. Two versions available: Standard model fitted with Beckman type thermometer and Digital model AD fitted with high resolution electronic thermometer accessories include paraffin wax, melting point approx. 60oC used to coat all glass surface in contact with hydrofluoric acid and set of glassware for water content determination including silica combustion tube with silver wool, absorption tubes for silica gel and magnesium perchlorate, bubbler for sulphuric acid.

  Jolting apparatus (Specimen preparation)

This new version of jolting apparatus has been developed to fulfil precisely the EN 196- 1 and ISO 679. Each single requirement as, for example, weight distribution, dimension, structural design and working cycle is individually checked and verified.


Le chatelier water bath

Use with Le Chatelier moulds for the determination of the soundness of cement Paste. Stainless steel internal chamber housed in a stainless insulted exterior case. Power 1500 W capable of reaching the boiling point in 30 minutes. Complete with rack for twelve moulds and cover.


Reactivity of lime

Ground quicklime tested for their reactivity on slaking with this apparatus which consists of a Dewar vessel 1000 ml cap., stirring motor, calibrated thermometer, stand and accessories.

  Standard and automatic vicat apparatus

Vicamatic apparatus is capable of performing tests with start delay, adjustable dropping rate auto-mode and free or driven drop. The driven drop option allows the adjustment of the drop of lifting time within 10 and 50 second. The VICAMATIC can also be equipped by the needle cleaning device with water container for testing in water as prescribed by EN.

  Vibrating machine for 70.7 mm cube moulds

Preparation and compaction of 70.7 mm mortar cube specimens. The mould table is mounted on four springs attached to an eccentric shaft which allows each sample to be vibrated at 12000 cycles per minute in accordance with the specifications.

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