Automatic compactor

Automatic compactors allow uniform and correct compaction of Proctor and CBR (1) samples. All moving parts, the hammer lifting device and the rotating mould table are fitted with safety guards that, if open stop the machine automatically for operator safety. All models can be supplied complete with noise reduction cabinet.


Benkelman beam test set apparatus

Used for the determination of the static deformation of road pavement.


Digital CBR tester (Uniframe)

UNIFRAME, digital universal compression tester 50 kN cap. Strain controlled from 0.01 mm/min to 51 mm/min and load rate controlled from 0.01 to 99.99 N/s.


Moisture determination balance

Automatically and simultaneously dries and weighs solid samples for the determination of moisture contents. Provides a continuous direct readout for both weight and percentage moisture loss through the entire cycle. Built-in timer 99 minutes with 1 minute intervals.


Universal electromechanical testers 200 and 300 kN cap. Load, elongation and displacement controlled. The machines, available in different versions, can be equipped to perform the CBR test.


Plate bearing test apparatus

These test methods are used to estimate the bearing capacity of a soil under field loading conditions for a specific loading plate and depth of embedment but also for load tests of soil and flexible pavement components for use in evaluation and design of airport and highway pavements.


Pocket penetrometer

Designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency,Shear strength and approximate unconfined compressive strength.

  Relative density vibrating table

This method covers the determination of the maximum dry density and water content of cohensionless materials when compacted using a vibrating table. Materials for which this method is applicable may contain up to 12% by mass fines (< 0.063 mm). The maximum particle size of the materials to be tested is 80 mm. This method applies to mixtures to be used in road construction.

  Soil cutter 11 l cap

Ideal to disgregate clay lumps to prepare soil specimens to be compacted. Made in anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

  4-Pin soil resistance meter

This meter is ideal for soil resistivity measurement. Wide range, high sensitivity, and the latest in integrated circuit technology. It can be used with 4,3, or 2-pin methods. The unit is battery operated and has no moving parts. It is supplied complete with a set of 4 steel pins, resistivity test reels, driving head and rectangular compaction box.

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