• Fuji Leak Noise Logger      System LNL-1
• Fuji Water Leak Detector      HG-10A11
• Fuji Leak Noise Level      Logger FSJ-1
• Fuji Listening Stick
      LSP-0.5m / LSP-1.0m /
• Fuji Noise Reduction Water
     Leak Detector DNR-18
• Fuji Water Leak Detector
• Fuji Digital Sound Detector
• Fuji Metal Pipe and Cable
      Locator PL-2000
• Fuji Metal Pipe and Cable
      Locator PL-960
• Fuji Non-Metallic Pipe
      Locator NPL-100
• Ultrasonic Flowmeter FUJI
• Portable Ultrasonic
      Flowmeter UFP-20
• Portable Water Pressure
      Recorder FUJI FJN-501
• Self Contained District Flow
     & Pressure Logger UDF*9
• Fuji Metal Locator F-90M
• Fuji Marker Locator

Detection of underground pipe water leakage, utilities and Non-Revenue Water can be achieve with Fuji Tecom water leak detector, pipe and cable locator and leak detection equipment.

Kensains Malaysia is the authorised representative for sales and services of Fuji Tecom products. Combining the use of Digital Listening Stick, Water Leak Ground Microphones, Pipe and Cable Locators, Leak Noise correlators, Water Pressure Loggers and Flowmeters, the operator can quickly find the source of water leaks to rectify the problems.

Establish for 50 years and through continuous research and development in the field of water leak detection equipment and utility location equipments, Fuji Tecom offers the best, reliable and user friendly products for water leak detection, non-revenue water management and underground pipe and cable locators.


Fuji Leak Noise Logger System LNL-1

LNL-1 is an acoustic data logger system designed for detecting and monitoring leakage on water pipelines.

  • Loggers, equipped with high sensitivity sensors are deployed on pipe fittings such as valves, fire hydrants. The loggers record "minimum noise level" Eat the points on the pipeline.
  • Analyser, the recorded data are downloaded by radio communication by the Analyser. And the Analyser shows 3 levels of leak possibilities at given thresholds.
  • Software, the PC software identifies each logger and visualizes it on the map. The results of Minimum Noise Level are indicated in each area or blocks. The results are displayed as graph. Momentary change of sound is also displayed.


Fuji Water Leak Detector HG-10A11

  • This is the High Performance acoustic leak detector.
  • It has been 10 years since the HG-10All went on sale and this has built a solid reputation due to useful hand-switch and light weight sensor. It allows accurate pinpointing of the actual leak.
  • HG-10All professionals Water Leak Detector has optional 3 contact rod for Water leak surveying.


Fuji Leak Noise Level Logger FSJ-1

Best for house connection survey to check the service connection has a leak or not. Check any valves & hydrants for leak sounds. For Localization of Internal Leaks

  • Just push on/off switch, hold for 3 seconds. Easy operation to record noise level at any pipe fittings or house meters.
  • Automatically rates to 3 levels. The recorded noise level appears as 3 levels, the threshold is also adjustable.
  • For PVC/PE pipe leaks. The frequency peak and the filters are pre-set for plastic pipes leaks.


Fuji Listening Stick LSP-0.5m / LSP-1.0m / LSP-1.5m

Fuji Listening stick is the Oldest but extremely effective at Leak Surveying. Individual service connection survey is widely practiced by Japanese Non-revenue water specialists. An optimum designed resonance chamber amplifies the leakage noise from various kinds of pipe materials.


Fuji Noise Reduction Water Leak Detector DNR-18

  • With digital noise reduction that removes intermittent sounds like barking dogs and passing vehicles. DNR-18: the advanced digital CPU eliminates intermittent interfering noises, like passing vehicles, people talking, and pedestrian footsteps.

    Traditional band-pass filters filter continuous noises, such as A/C hum, idling motors, and wind. While traditional filters are very useful, they are not able to filter out the common, intermittent noises with broad frequency ranges.

    DNR-18 has optional accessories for water leak "pinpointing" and water leak "surveying".
  • Graph the leak sound levels at 5-10 spots directly over the pipe. Let the DNR-18's amplifier pinpoint the leak's location for you instead of relying upon your hearing.


Fuji Water Leak Detector LD-7

  • The LD-7 is the smallest and lightest-weight water leak detector yet it has a very sensitive ground sensor. With the listening rod connected to the ground sensor, listen to the sounds of water-leaks transmitted to faucets, meters and valves.

    Whether your needs are for water leak surveys or for water leak pinpointing in service lines or in buildings, the LD-7 offers excellent performance at a very reasonable price.


Fuji Digital Sound Detector F8B-8D

  • The FSB-8D is a small, compact electronic sound detector for finding water leaks. Especially, FSB-8D is well-suited to Water Leak Surveying on pipe of Plastic pipes like PVC and PE.


Fuji Metal Pipe and Cable Locator PL-2000

  • The PL-2000 offers a new approach in high power, low frequency location. With 3 active frequencies, 0.5kHz, 8kHz, and 27kHz and 2 passive frequencies, 50/60Hz, as a Live Cable detection mode and both inductive and direct connection capabilities, the PL-2000 is powerful and versatile.

    Can trace and locate any continuous metal such as iron, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines.

    Max depth 5m. Runs on 6D cell batteries-Transmitter and 6 AA batteries-Receiver. Comes with Padded Case Transmitter, Receiver, manual and Conductive Clips. PL-2000 can also locate a power live cable without the transmitter using Passive 50/60 mode. Push button depth measurement.


Fuji Metal Pipe and Cable Locator PL-960

  • Fuji PL-960 Pipe and Cable locator has been developed by use of the most reliable performance differential pick-up coil which has been fully testified by the facts experienced with Fuji PL-801 since 1980.

    The PL-960 offers a high power, high frequency locating. With 3 active frequencies, 27kHz, 83kHz, and 334kHz. Occasionally, high frequency jumps non-conductive insulators and gaskets. Pull up depth measurement increases the reliability of the depth measurement. The PL-960 is powerful and versatile. Can trace and locate any continuous metal such as iron, steel, and copper water lines, gas lines, tracer wire by plastic pipe, telephone/TV cables, copper and aluminum wire, conduit and power lines.

    Max depth 5m. Runs on 6D cell batteries-Transmitter and 6 AA batteries-Receiver. Comes with Padded Case Transmitter, Receiver, manual and Conductive Clips.


Fuji Non-Metallic Pipe Locator NPL-100

  • The NPL-100 is a sophisticated instrument for locating non-metallic water pipelines.

    Using a vibrator attached to the outlet of a fire hydrant or to pipe fittings, the NPL-100 sends a sound wave through the water in the pipe.

    This sound wave is detected by the NPL-100's sensitive ground microphone (receiver), permitting accurate tracking of the pipeline. The vibrator's signal intensity and frequency can be remotely controlled from the receiver to find the optimum resonance of the pipeline. NPL-100 has the automatic adjustment function for tuning in a resonance frequency of each pipe.


Ultrasonic Flowmeter FUJI PORTAFLOW C

  • The new Fuji Water Flow C uses the same measurement principle as Fuji's ultrasonic flowmeters of which a great number have already been delivered.

    Transducers located outside an already installed pipe constitute a sensor for finding out the time interval between transmission of an ultrasonic signal and its reception which is variable with the flow rate.

    The flow can be obtained from this interval. Since only an ultrasonic wave is admitted into the pipe, the liquid suffers no pressure loss; thus the flow can be easily measure.

    Fitted with the standard sensor it can make a flow measurement for pipes with a diameter ranging from 50mm to 400mm. When equipped with the optional large sensor, it can be used for pipes with a diameter of 200mm to 6,000mm.

    Non Revenue water specialists use the Portaflow C to know the Minimum Night Flow in the District Meterd Area, before the leak survey and after the repair of the leakage.


Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20

  • The Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20, based on the same, ergonomically advanced design so popular in the UFP-10, features significant size reduction. The result is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter that meets next-generation standards.

    The UFP-20's single-handed portability means difficult and challenging jobs located in narrow or high places can now be performed safely and easily.

    The flowmeter includes a thickness measurement function and can effectively measure the sound velocity of fluids. Measurement data can be printed, logged or transferred to a computer which can assist data collection and analysis.


Portable Water Pressure Recorder FUJI FJN-501

Completely water proof air sealed mechanism. Recording can be observed through the round window when the cover is closed. Compact, sturdy construction for easy portability. Durable, designed to hold up under hard use and with-stand corrosion.

  • Checking for fluctuations in water pressure as an efficient means of controlling water systems.
  • Keeping track of water pressure at night when cotrolling water leakage by decreasing pressure.
  • To prevent water leaks by controlling water pressure.
  • Making a water pressure distribution chart to find irregularities in water leakage in a system.
  • Eliminating districts of poor water service caused by low water pressure.
  • Water pressure testing after laying pipe.


Self Contained District Flow & Pressure Logger UDF-9

  • FUJI new DMA Flow and Pressure logger is to assist with your temporarily minimum night flow measurement. The Flow and Pressure data is analyzed to determine the area of suspected leakage through high MNF data.


Fuji Metal Locator F-90M

  • The F-90M is the professional's choice for locating buried valve boxes and covers. The F-90M detects buried metallic objects such as meter boxes, valve boxes, and manhole covers. Ferrous metal objects can be detected more than a foot beneath the surface, and their presences are indicated by both an addible tone and meter deflection.


Fuji Marker Locator MLD-10W/G

  • Fuji Marker locator saves you time by locating buried utilities in combination with the buried electronic marker. The Marker enables simple location of buried utilities even in highly congested environments, providing exact location through audible and visual meter display of the locator MLD-10W/G.

    Use Marker to locate buried joints, branch point, pipe ends, cable path and fiber optic cables. We are offering 5 frequencies and 5 colors for each utility.

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