The Light Drop-Weight Tester

Conformingn to Engineering Code for soil and rock in road construction TP BF-StB Part 8.3 Issue 2003


Determination of the soil bearing capacity and compaction
quality of soils and non-cohesive subbases the dynamic plate
load test employing the Light Drop-Weight tester is used in
earth work and road construction to determine the soil bearing
capacity and  the compaction quality of soil and non-cohesive
subbases, as well as for soil improvement applications. The
test method is suited for coarse-grain and mixed-grain soil
shaving maximum grain size of 63mm. The test method may
be used to determine the dynamic modulus of deformation of
soil in the range Evd  =15...70MN/m2.

Applications include
• Road construction
• Testing of pavement bedding
• Compaction monitoring in pipe trenches and cable ducts
• Quality assurance in canal construction
• Railway construction
• Foundation back fill

Preparing the plain ground
Place the load plate on plain ground such that full-area support is ensured.
Position the loading mechanism on the load plate.
Interconnect the settlement, measuring instrument and the load plate by the measuring cable. Disengage shipping & handling lock.

Switch on the settlement measuring instrument.
Arrange device in vertical position.
Perform three impacts in succession.
The settlement amplitudes S1, S2 and S3 are displayed on the screen.
After the third measurement the mean settlement Sm and the computed Evd value are displayed.
In addition, the device determines the path-to-speed ratio and settlement curve.


via Thermal printer
Printing of measured data from memory for documentation purposes at anytime and anyplace.
  The series of measured data comprises:
• Date
• Time
• Settlements
• Settling speed v
• Path-to-speed ratios/v
• Dynamic modulus of deformation Evd
• Settlement curve
Up to 200 series may be stored.
  via Personal computer
  Apart from printing series of measured data by using a thermal printer, they may be also transferred to a PC
Establish the connection between the PC and the settlement measuring instrument. Read in the series of measured values.
Comfortable processing of the protocol by means of a special software program.
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